Aging Life Care Expert/Care Management Techniques Course

12 Module Training Program, 60 minutes each session, provided in person or telephonically.
All learning materials are provided in advance, including Power Point Presentations and supportive materials.
Sessions are scheduled at customer’s convenience.
Customers choose any or all of the sessions depending on your unique needs.

Module 1- What is an Aging Life Care Expert/Care Manager?: A practical review of the ALCA Standards of Practice and Pledge of Ethics with real case scenarios to consider. Attendees develop understanding and confidence to position themselves as a Professional Advisor with other professions (i.e. Physician, Attorney, Financial Planner, etc.). Develop your “elevator” speech to ensure effective communication when describing the role of a professional aging life care expert/care manager.

Module 2- Developing Successful Client Relationships & Enhancing Assessment Skills: Learn to build a trusting relationship with clients through proven techniques. Understand the reluctant client and how to help open them to the possibilities the care manager will bring to their lives. Practice-based assessments skills including tricks of the trade you won’t want to miss.

Module 3- The Facts about Advanced Directives: Including Living Wills, HC Surrogates, POAs, & DNRs. Learn the basics and more about advanced directives including typical scenarios care managers experience.

Module 4- Care Manager as a Resource Expert: Develop research and resource skills and methods to develop a database of resources. Learn what every aging life care expert/care manager needs to know about Medicare & Medicaid. Practical research techniques to ensure you are recommending the right service given your client’s situation. Skills to build successful relationships with targeted professionals to enhance your ability to serve your client.

Module 5- Successfully Relocating Clients: Determination of Levels of Care, Facility Types & Differences, Best Practices when moving a client. How do you know the right setting for your client? Learn dependable considerations when recommending a particular housing setting for your client. Care manager vs. Senior Housing Specialist, resource or competitor? Considerations for facility bound clients such as efficiently reviewing medical charts and the art of facilitating (not just attending) a care plan meeting.

Module 6- Comprehensive Care Plan Development: Develop exceptional Care Plans that will provide the outcomes your client expects. Get the client outcomes you are hoping for with proven techniques to ensure your care plans are implemented as intended. Learn to engage clients, families, and service providers in the plan for more effective results. What’s a reasonable length? What’s a reasonable cost? These questions and more will be answered.

Module 7- Working with Specialty Populations to Increase Business: Enhance your referral base by learning strategies to work with specialty populations. Many other client populations require advocacy, learn how to market and serve specialty populations such as individuals with Special Need Trusts (SNT) and mentally illness. Investigate partnering with disease research/treatment foundations. They have the funds and their clients need our help.

Module 8- Bringing Families Together for our Client’s Sake: Care managers spend a great deal of time resolving family conflicts; learn strategies to help families heal. Develop skills that work to bring families to a common ground. Empower families to be involved in their parent’s care even from a distance. Mom or money, help families come to terms with circumstances they will live with forever. Second and third spouses, oh my… helping blended families work for the common good of the family.

Module 9- Communication Your Value to Develop Long-term Clients: Develop skills to cultivate clients through effective communication that demonstrates your value and recognizes urgency of the situation. Verbal and written communication skills are enhanced to foster long-term clients. Techniques to effectively communicate your value & that of aging life care experts/care management services. Learn to cultivate clients towards a long-term care management relationship. Document to avoid liability and demonstrates the quality of your service.

Module 10- Billing Services & Organizational Skills: Organization is paramount to successful aging life care expert/care management- learn proven skills, prioritization methods and more. To Bill or Not to Bill… sometimes it’s just not clear. Learn from an expert how to increase billable time and decrease non-billable time. How many new clients this week? How will I be able to manage? Learn proven organizational skills to keep the care manager on the proactively serving clients.

Module 11- Developing & Monitoring Effective Care Teams: The ability to develop a cohesive care team is paramount to the aging life care expert/care manager’s success; learn how to get the most of in-home and facility based care providers including strategies to lead care team and professional advisor meetings. Develop strategies to facilitate the client outcomes you are expecting. Aging life care experts/care managers spend a great deal of time coordinating services and building care teams. Learn best practice techniques for getting the outcomes your client expects. Develop teams that really work. Learn to do more than monitor care- enhance it!

Module 12- Exceptional Customer Service Skills is as easy as Managing Expectations: Enhance your practice by proven strategies that keep clients and their responsible parties happy. Demonstrate your skills to increase referrals and profitability. Quality assurance programs that work.